Hungry for…

Recently, I’ve been hungry.

I’ve been hungry for knowledge and I’ve been hungry for baked goods.

I’ve attempted to solve this with two things.

  1. Documentaries. Documentaries about crime, history, events, people, science, nature, all of it. I ravenously consume the 40-120 minutes of factoids and history and things I didn’t know already. My brain clicks when something I’d learned years ago comes full circle and dots are connected that I didn’t know existed. David Attenborough‘s BBC series’ are some of my favorites. His zest for discovery is contagious, and I wish we were friends. Try it, I guarantee you’ll learn something and enjoy it, too. Luckily, I also found a slew of Netflix Original Documentaries and Docu-Series that have just been released in the last few months, and because I devour them, they keep suggesting more, and more and more. I’m in heaven.
  2. The Great British Baking Show. I salivate over the plethora of baked rolls, cakes, pies, sponges, rough puff pastry and loaves. My eyes twinkle with the layers of creme pat, frosting, tempered chocolate, fillings, powdered sugar and fondant. I want to be friends with Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry (who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone like her??) and of course Mel & Sue. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and give in for the love of carbohydrates, sugar, Mary Berry in all her glory and British humor and puns. You won’t regret it.

I’m all about giving in to things you’re really feeling at the moment. Especially if it makes you feel good (and doesn’t harm anyone, or yourself, in the process!) What are you hungry for? What do you do to satiate it??

Here are some of my suggestions:

If you’re hungry for joy, watch this video. It’s a little more than a minute, and it does not disappoint.

If you’re hungry for motivation for how amazing people are, check out this youtube channel.

If you’re hungry for goodness and kindness in the world, check out this youtube channel.

So tell me what you’re hungry for. I’d love to know!!

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