And she’s off!

So remember how we talked about doing what feels right and good, as long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else? And we talked about watching The Great British Baking Show yesterday?

On that note… I finished the series. I finished the series and sat there drying my tears of joy, and felt the emptiness of ‘no-more-episodes-left syndrome’ begin to set in. A wave of loneliness, and sadness washed over me. I sat still. Silent. Let the feeling happen.

Then I had a revelation: My brain clicked into gear and said,


So I peeled myself off the couch, and headed towards the kitchen. I could smell the over-ripe bananas the moment I hit the kitchen doorway, so inventoried what we had in our pantry that could be considered baking material, hit the Internetz for some banana recipes, strapped my shoes on, and went to the store!

I lingered in the baking aisle, and realized that I had never taken time to really see all the different ingredients there are in the baking section. When I came home, I turned on my recording of the repertoire I’m singing on May 21st with the Baroque Artist of Champaign Urbana (shameless plug!) and set to work!

Friends. I DID IT.

Banana Bourbon Bread (1)As you can see, I got a little excited, and neglected to buy the proper sized pan to bake my Banana Bourbon Bread, so I had to split it in “half” (yeah, who’s actually good at eyeing something like this?!) and bake it in a smaller pan. Yes, I got really excited and sat on the floor of the kitchen, watching it bake, and taking photos of it. Look how tiny and cute it is!!!

Banana Bourbon Bread (2)

Yes, crooked, I see this. Then I baked the second “half” (HAHAHAHA):

Banana Bourbon Bread (4)

Banana Bourbon Bread (3)

FRIENDS. They were both delicious. I know Martin wasn’t lying, because he had more than I did!!! (And are nearly gone already…) Martin and I enjoyed them for dessert last night, with some butter because they were still warm from the oven! (DROOL!!!!!!!!!) And discussed what I could change, or amp up, to make it better next time! (DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?! HE WANTS MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Today, we went back to the grocery store, and he offered to help me purchase more ingredients (and a couple of proper bread sized pans!)

Currently, there is a Golden Raisin-Craisin Wheat Bread proofing. (Keep your fingers crossed that it actually RISES… Martin and I have agreed that if it doesn’t, we’ll still enjoy very dense toast, what a sport!)

Here’s what my kitchen looked like moments ago:

Raisin Craisin Wheat Bread (1)

This is THE ONE item I was looking for on our wedding registry (thanks Grampy & Grandma Pat!!!) Those of you who are married, know what I mean!

Raisin Craisin Wheat Bread (2)

Here’s my baby un-proofed bread:

Raisin Craisin Wheat Bread (3)

WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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