Spinning Plates

On March 31st, Martin and I will celebrate our one-year anniversary closing on our house, which is super incredible! I think back to the uncertainty, while we packed in Florida and all the plates that were spinning: […]

Pleased To Meet You

Dear BB1,

Last Friday, your Dad and I had another routine sonogram. We love going to these doctor’s appointments because we get to see you, or at the very least we get to hear your heartbeat and hiccups and tiny baby noises. This time, we got to see your little tiny features: your eyes, your mouth, your […]

The Boys’ Dad – Thursday Things

Folks, I’m here with another installment of Thursday Things. This week has been a tough one, because the world lost someone amazing. He’s been in quite a few posts I’ve written, in fact, I’ve only ever referred to him as “The Boy’s Dad” here on Hopeful Midwesterner. So today’s Thursday Things are dedicated to you […]

People You’ll Find At the Dog Park – Thursday Things

I think I’ll start a series each and every Thursday, where I present a list of things (I don’t usually like the word THINGS… it’s kind of like the word NICE… what does it really mean? But that’s just it, it can mean ANY thing!) I don’t know that I’ll specify what kind of things, but there’ll be a list of them, you can be sure! Maybe I’ll do things in a certain theme or category each week, maybe I won’t. So, who’s with me? Let’s do this thing!!! […]

“I can’t breathe”

Trigger warning ahead: violence and foul language


After college, I lived in an apartment on the north side of the city, with my all-star roommates, (please read the sarcasm there) we’ll call them Elizabeth and Jessica. We were fortunate enough to have some outstanding downstairs neighbors. (Please read the additional sarcasm utterly dripping from there, too.) […]


Friends, I’m going for it. I have felt the need and I’ve felt it for a long time now. I know, it’s heavy. I know, it’s also Friday. But please, bear with me, because this is too important to ignore.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and let’s be honest, sometimes especially in our current political climate we wish we did, you’ve heard about the #metoo movement. […]

My Birth

I’ve been told the story of my birth, my grand entrance into this world, by countless people throughout my life. You see, I was the first grandchild on both my Mom and Dad’s side. I was kind of a big deal…