Live & Kicking

I’m reading baby books. All the baby books. The “Pregnancy Day by Day” book where each page is a day in this journey. The “What To Expect…” book that has been through a million editions, and known throughout the world as the one book to read, of all the books.

Martin has two “Dad To Be” books, and is confident that he prefers one over the other… which is great because that means he’s spent time with both of them!

I have the pregnancy tracking apps. Yes, plural. I know what size this baby is by the day, as compared to fruits & vegetables, exotic animals, french bakery items, retro toys, etc. I read the suggested articles that pop up each day, even if they don’t pertain to me. Sure, I’ll read about twins, even though I’m not having them (this time).

I’m in local birthing groups on Facebook and keep up with everyone’s posts and responses because it’s better to know and not need to than to need to know and go frantic, right?

M and I are enrolled in all the new baby preparation classes at our birthing hospital. Baby & Pet Safety, Breastfeeding & Nursing, Infant Care, and more. Information overload is better than drought, right?

I take advice from anyone who wants to offer it. Yes, I promise I take a lot of it with a grain of salt if it sounds too woo-woo-y for me.

I know where BB1 should be, developmentally, in my womb almost by the minute. I’ve read (in multiple places) that “the quickening” is past due, but as I lay down each night for sleep, and strain to feel anything different, any fluttering, any movement at all, I have felt nothing (nothing but gas, let’s be real) for weeks.

M knows my disappointment so far because yes, the heart is beating properly and yes, all the organs and appendages are present and accounted for, but I would love to feel this baby. I would love to have a reassurance that “Yeah, Mom, I’m here! And I’m growing! And I’m strong!” Guess what?

Nothing prepared me for that first swift kick. 


I was dumbstruck. I nudged M and said, “I think I felt something!” He opened his eyes, and we both laid with our hands on my tummy… and there it was again!


BB1 went full-on Jackie Chan last night, for both M and I.

Folks: We are live, and we are kicking.

3 thoughts on “Live & Kicking

  1. Karate baby on the move. Soon you will know when you SEE the knee or elbow and then you will be soooo ready to have baby M join you outside your body. Exciting and special times continue.

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  2. You kicked me so hard that the TV remote on my tummy flew across the bedroom. Your Dad’s response was “did you do that?” At which point I replied “sort of.”
    So much more to experience my baby.

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