The Proposal

WHEN: Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WHERE: Angela’s tiny one-bedroom apartment, Largo, Florida

HOW IT WENT: It was Date Night (every Wednesday for us), and earlier that day, I had asked Martin if he would help me take down my Christmas tree. This particular Christmas tree had been super special to me because I felt like it symbolized my independence (my first apartment all on my own, my first holiday-hosting, etc.). The whole family had been in town to celebrate the holidays around this special tree. “Of course!” Martin would help her take it down, he had confirmed via text that day. What a guy!

That night, the further into the process of dismantling the tree we got, the more misty-eyed I became. Martin took notice, as always, and said, “You know there are going to be more Christmas trees that we’ll put up and take down, right?”

“Of course, I do,” I responded, still thinking about all the tree represented to me

“Well, let’s do that each and every year, together… forever.” He said, sweetly.

“I like that idea,” I said, with tears in my eyes, as Martin got on his knee and pulled something sparkly out from his pocket.

With tinsel stuck to his striped polo shirt and pine needles in his hair, he smiled up at me. “OH! Are you really doing this??” I asked, awestruck.

“Yes, I am.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Did you ask my father?” I asked, suddenly, the tears welling up even more in my eyes.

“Of course I did, before Christmas!” He sounded proud that the secret had been kept.

“Wow, you’re doing this. This is happening. This is really happening.” I said, half to myself.

“Will you marry me?” He asked, still on his knee, ever so patient with his soon-to-be Bride-to-be.

“YES!” I exclaimed, the tears brimming over, “Yes! I will!” He slid the ring onto her finger, and we held each other and kissed each other for at least twenty minutes before we were finally able to finish the tree.


Happy Engagement Anniversary, My Darling. Thank you for turning something that makes me so sad each year into something that we can celebrate. You are my favorite!

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