After Peer Support Specialist Core Training in Chicago, I was in touch with one of our instructors. She and I worked together to gather some insight from my side of the fence…

Check it out, my thoughts were published!!!

You’ve all read it here, or heard me say it already, but it feels good to shout it from the rooftops!

I’m looking forward to partnering with DBSA in the near future for additional work, too. Keep your fingers crossed, readers and friends, this is going to be great!


In other news, I spent my Tuesday in Springfield, Illinois at the “Certified Recovery Support Specialist Competency Training, Day I”. Each state has it’s own structure and route to become a Certified Peer Support (In Illinois, they’re calling it a Certified Recovery Support Specialist: CRSS) and this was more hours of training to put towards my certification. We spent the day talking about System-Level Advocacy, Natural vs. Formal Support Systems and Peer-Run Programs. It was a good day of learning.

Tuesday was a day to learn, but it was also a day to meet people who work for the State of Illinois, who have their CRSS under their belt and now work to help other people achieve it.

I’m going at this certification all alone, meaning I’m not pursuing it through a job, or organization. Sometimes it feels really impossible to make it all happen by myself. This is a long road, and I have my fingers crossed that I’m getting to know the right people and making the right connections and partnerships to make this happen. [Cue cheer section here]

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