Spring – Thursday Things

“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”
– Charles Dickens –

Here is a list of my favorite things about Midwestern Spring which I never in a million years believed I’d ever miss when I first moved to Florida in 2011. Now that we’ve been back in Illinois for just over a year […]

The Dog Bath – Thursday Things

The following is a list of thoughts I have had while in the process of giving my dog a bath:

Ok, let’s do this. Fast and easy.
Please hold still
Let’s wet you down
God, I’m so glad M installed the hand-held shower head. This has removed a lot of the trauma associated with bath time!
Perhaps if you didn’t squirm so much, this would go a lot faster […]

The Boys’ Dad – Thursday Things

Folks, I’m here with another installment of Thursday Things. This week has been a tough one, because the world lost someone amazing. He’s been in quite a few posts I’ve written, in fact, I’ve only ever referred to him as “The Boy’s Dad” here on Hopeful Midwesterner. So today’s Thursday Things are dedicated to you […]

People You’ll Find At the Dog Park – Thursday Things

I think I’ll start a series each and every Thursday, where I present a list of things (I don’t usually like the word THINGS… it’s kind of like the word NICE… what does it really mean? But that’s just it, it can mean ANY thing!) I don’t know that I’ll specify what kind of things, but there’ll be a list of them, you can be sure! Maybe I’ll do things in a certain theme or category each week, maybe I won’t. So, who’s with me? Let’s do this thing!!! […]