The Little Things

A lot of times parents with older kids give out gobs of unsolicited advice. It’s with the best of intentions, or at least that’s what I tell myself to stay sane. I hear parents tell me to write all of this down because it’s so easy to forget, and before we know it […]

I’m Trying

“I’m trying” has been my automatic response to receiving any sort of praise whatsoever for as long as I can remember.

If I did well on a project at work: “I’m trying”

If a friend or relative complimented something I was wearing: “I’m trying”

If someone congratulated me on my weight loss, our engagement or subsequent marriage, my pregnancy, or just holding our house together all day, every day: “I’m trying”

It’s recently come to my attention that this is not healthy. […]

Birth: Act III

When: Wednesday, July 11, 12:30pm – 2 days postpartum
Where: Carle Hospital, Post Partum Unit

We were packing our things to leave, and all of a sudden I realized that for the last 36 hours, I had been in this room, and this room alone. I did not remember […]

Birth: Act II

When: Monday, July 9, 4:30pm – 40 Weeks, 3 Days
Where: Carle Hospital, 24 into my labor

Martin made his way back upstairs, sensing the urgency in my Mom’s text. My doctor laid it all out for us, in the simplest of terms. She said: […]

Birth: Act I

When: Friday, July 6, 6:00pm – 40 Weeks, Exactly
Where: The local Mexican restaurant, eating a spicy steak burrito the size of my head

In between bites, while discussing nothing in particular, my body began to tremor, […]

Happy Due Date!

Dear BB1,

Today is July 6th. The date I’ve been anticipating since there was a faint second line on a stick back on October 26, 2017. Today is the day that doctors and scientists say you’re due to arrive. (Even though I know that only 5% of babies are actually born on their “Estimated Due Date”, according to what I’ve read) I feel like we’ve reached some sort of milestone, you and I.

Your Dad and I talked openly about this last night. I told him the feeling of reaching this date feels like the largest culmination I’ve ever […]


All throughout pregnancy, you become familiar with a certain set of questions. It usually begins like this: So, when’s the baby due?

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant: you live and breathe and hang your hat on that date. For me: July 6th. At first, it seemed so far away, like a distant dream. Now, it’s right around the corner, and hanging over me, rubbing its hands together in anticipation!

When I answer […]

That 3rd Trimester Life

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters.

The first is Weeks 1 through 12. During this time is when you find out you’re pregnant, your boobs will be super sore and when you’ll find the most morning sickness and nausea. Usually no one would know you’re pregnant if you didn’t tell them. This is a tough time for a lot of women, because the chance of pregnancy loss or miscarriage is very high throughout this period of time, so it can be extremely anxiety provoking.

The second trimester is Weeks 13 through 27. This is when most women catch the […]


We’ve all seen movies or read books with pregnant people in them. Most of us have seen pregnant people in our lives, some of us have been close to them. Close enough to learn things, observe things, and ask questions too. There are things we all know about pregnancy or at least we’ve seen it in movies, read about it in books, or heard/seen it directly from family members, etc.

But what about all the surprises? What about […]

Spring – Thursday Things

“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”
– Charles Dickens –

Here is a list of my favorite things about Midwestern Spring which I never in a million years believed I’d ever miss when I first moved to Florida in 2011. Now that we’ve been back in Illinois for just over a year […]