1st Wedding Anniversary

Martin and I got married almost a year ago (October 15th) and I wanted to commemorate the day here, on my blog, by posting some photos and making some lists. Without further ado, let’s talk weddings!!!

Top 6 Things People Still Mention

  1. Elvis Presley was in the buildingelvis.jpg
  2. The food was phenomenal_CAM0503.jpg
  3. Our vows were perfectly unique to Martin and meIMG_2085.JPG
  4. The sunset was sublimesunset.jpg
  5. Our dessert bar was something out of a fantasydessert-bar.jpg
  6. My Dad & Daughter dancedaddy-daughter-dance.jpg


Top 3 Things – According to Martin

  1. Looking into each other’s eyes during the ceremonyIMG_2098.JPG
  2. Your trio singing “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” by Deathcab for Cutie and making me cut onions_CAM0847.jpg
  3. My Mother dancing with Elvis_CAM0677.jpg


Top 3 Things I Would Change

  1. Dance more
  2. Eat more
  3. Spend more time with everyone


4 Things You Might Not Remember

  1. My Nana forgot her dress at home in South Carolina, and had to scramble to find another oneIMG_1881.JPG
  2. Carolyn, my Maid of Honor, called Martin “A therapy dog who does Crossfit” in her speech_CAM0634.jpg
  3. There was a thunderstorm brewing just as we were finishing photos on the beach after the ceremonyIMG_2254.JPG
  4. The photo booth produced some HILARIOUS shots



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