The Hopeful Midwesterner

My hopes and dreams for this blog are to share my thoughts, (which I think are more than thoughts [don’t worry, I’ll do my best to filter!]) feelings, (again, with the filtering!) and stories about what I see, the life I live and the world we’re all living in.

My husband has been encouraging the production of this blog since we first started dating, and he discovered that I really have A LOT going on in my brain (yeah, there’s also a diagnosed anxiety disorder too, but let’s not split hairs) that he wanted me to share. So I’ll dole out short stories, anecdotes and stream-of-consciousness about all sorts of topics, so GET EXCITED, because I really am!

As a “first post”, I suppose it’s important to explain the name of my blog, so here goes nothing: At risk of offending (yet another attribute of a Midwesterner), I’ll keep this definition fairly succinct:

A Midwesterner IS:

Perpetually hopeful, about everything, all the time, which isn’t a bad thing… it just… IS.

We almost always say “please” and compulsively say “thank you”.

We hesitate to talk about politics, money or religion in public, but will behind closed doors.

We will make room for you on a narrow sidewalk, if we pass one another. Also, we will greet both you and your dog, while walking down the street.

In our 4th of July Parades, there are both sides of the spectrum represented: both pro-life and pro-choice floats, both Republican and Democrat politicians and both North End Bunco, Parcheesi & Weight-Dropping Auxiliary Band and Rosemont Cavalier Drum & Bugle Corps, and everyone agrees that they all have a right to be there.

We’re an honest, happy & hardworking people who rely on common sense and truth.

We’re both street & book smart.

Our sarcasm is really on point.

We show excitement quite easily.

Some of us have mastered the art of passive aggressiveness.

We are all marked with an all around kindness that can get us into trouble when we’re in foreign territory (anywhere outside of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan)

A Midwesterner IS NOT:

Rude. Inconsiderate. Obnoxious. Tend to spout off at the mouth with word vomit. Act on compulsions, rather than common sense. Ignorant. Mean. Arrogant. Self righteous. Aggressive. Angry.

So there you have it!

Who wouldn’t want to be in the company of the Wright Brothers, Betty Freiden, Mark Twain, Judy Garland, Ernest Hemingway, Diana Ross, Benny Goodman, Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, Gloria Steinem, Frank Lloyd Wright and so many other great minds from the Midwest?

So here’s me, just like tons of other folks just like me, a “Hopeful Midwesterner” here to provide some approachable and semi-sarcastic thoughts of strength, hope, love, pride & humor.

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