Friends, I’m going for it. I have felt the need and I’ve felt it for a long time now. I know, it’s heavy. I know, it’s also Friday. But please, bear with me, because this is too important to ignore.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and let’s be honest, sometimes especially in our current political climate we wish we did, you’ve heard about the #metoo movement. […]


Martin and I get the Sunday paper delivered each week. I look forward to pulling it apart section by section and learning more about the new community we live in. I try to read it all, including corn and crop reports and University of Illinois business (FOREVER A BUCKEYE!!!) and save the store advertisements and comics for last.

When I was a kid, I only read two sections of the paper. The two most important sections of the paper, by my “kid standards” were: […]

Penny Park & Grace

Over the past few years, I have come to the realization that I have been a feminist for quite some time. I’ve seen and pointed out the inequality that my gender has afforded me on many occasions that are only recently coming back to my memory. I’m fairly certain this has been the case since before Kindergarten… Allow me to explain: […]

Not-A-Mother’s Day

I debated for hours yesterday if it was appropriate to share this information on my blog, and Martin helped me decide that I am the only one to decide this… and if I can’t put my thoughts down here, where can I? So I’ll say it: Yesterday, Mother’s Day in the United States, was particularly difficult for me […]

May – Mental Health Awareness Month

So this month is Mental Health Awareness Month, and that’s super exciting! Regardless of your social status, your job, your salary, your family life, your relationship status, your food preferences, your sexual orientation or identity,